The fashion world is amazing but getting the money to advance at school can be difficult.  More and more people are getting into the fashion world and it is such a varied and fascinating world.  For those who want to look at this further and maybe let this become their full time career, it certainly helps to have the skills to back you up.  However, that is why today more and more are looking at fashion and design scholarships.

The Falmouth Great Scholarships

There are three different scholarships available with this option.  This is really only available for those outside of the US however it is still one of the best scholarships available for fashion and design.  The applicants need to have a BA or be working towards a bachelor’s degree.

The Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship Program

This is good for those heading to university or college.  This goes towards seniors in high school who are looking at the fashion industry and looking to study further in also.  However, there is only one scholarship awarded each year and it is a one thousand dollar scholarship which is of course very impressive.  Usually, those with the best or highest performance and essays are the front runners for these scholarships.  It does help if you have a passion for fashion also.

FIDM National Scholarship Competition

To get one of these scholarships, you are going to find that you need to meet certain requirements.  You must be a high school senior or graduate; you can also be moving into college.  This is a good scholarship however because all tuition fees will be covered as well as the book and course material and most of the fashion and design course supplies that you may need.  Though, this can be a fantastic boost to help those who wish to continue studying fashion and design.

The Art Institute Passion for Fashion Competition

These are great scholarships for those who want to make a career in the fashion industry.  This is really for those in the Chicago area but all applicants need to have a passion for fashion and design and want to continue to study.  Those who are awarded the scholar may be able to work with a seamstress so that candidate’s actual garments can be made.

The Fashion and Textiles Scholarships

This can be one of the very best scholarships to consider.  The amount in which you may receive if you are eligible for the scholarship can range from one hundred dollars to one thousand.  This amount can really help to get a lot of the course materials paid for as well as a lot of the tuition fees covered too.  If you do need extra help to pay some fees then this scholarship can help. Though, if you were to receive this you need to be active in the classes and need to be there all the time and not skipping or missing classes.

You Can Succeed In the Fashion World

If you have a good education and are able to study in the fashion world, you have every chance to succeeding in the big fashion industry of today.  It might take a very long time but you could make it.  It always helps to work towards your career and even start learning from the bottom goes a long way.  Scholarships may help you so why not look for one?

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