When students apply for the scholarships, they have certain pre-conceived thoughts in their mind which can be termed as misconceptions. Whether it is scholarships for brown hair or for a particular race or for people wearing glasses, students may have certain misconceptions which really do not make sense if you are aware of how the scholarship thing works for us. Hence students who are unaware of this fact start looking for such scholarships thus ignoring the fact that they have various other financial aid available.

Below are the 3 main misconceptions that students have in their mind:

  1. Scholarships offer free education

Many students think that if they get scholarship, they can complete their entire education for free. This is a very wrong misconception. However large the award amount may be, it is just not sufficient for paying your entire amount. Whether you are trying to look  here for scholarships for brown hair or whatever specific condition, you would definitely not be able to cover your complete expenses with the scholarship amount.

There are very few exceptional cases where scholarships for your complete education is paid. However this is not available to many students and there are a lot of criteria which needs to be satisfied in order to claim such full amount scholarships. However, why do you want to loose the opportunity of not applying for such scholarships? Make sure you try to apply for most of the scholarships – who knows which one would click for you in particular.

  1. Scholarships are only for scholars

It is not always true that scholarships are meant to people who are rank holders or just toppers. You should also consider various factors every scholarship may need to abide by. However, if you are trying to consider scholarship based on sports quota, then it may be possible that only a small number of students may be able to get it. However it may be true that complete scholarship goes to top most students, it is not always true that all scholarships go to only toppers or students may get scholarships for brown hair.

  1. Lot of scholarships may go waste without anyone claiming for it

This misconception may be caused because of a commercial or a campaign that the advertisers are sponsoring. However scholarships are awarded every year and there is nothing going waste because there are more students applying for scholarships as compared to the number of scholarships actually available. There are some very rare cases where applicants do not claim their approved scholarships. There are certain cases where the candidate may be denied to get the scholarship because he or she is not eligible at all.

Every student should be aware that by availing scholarship, you are just trying to get past one hurdle. There are various other financial aid and help available to cover your educational expenses at least part of it, if not all. However do not ever be under the misconception that you can get scholarships for people with glasses or brown hair, as explained in this site: Not all scholarships need you to perform the best – so make sure you keep hunting for those; you may get one of those.

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