Looking for scholarships for students with glasses or disabled students?  If so, the Google Lime Scholarship Program help students all across the continent attend the school of their dreams.  One of the largest obstacles to overcome when attending a university is the payment of tuition.  Although the government can typically help to cover some of the costs, this is not always the case.  Other times assistance can be given, but it is still not enough to make education a possibility for students.  Although not everyone is eligible, it is a great help for those who are awarded the scholarship.

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

One of the greatest things about this scholarship program is that it knows how many obstacles students have to hurdle in order to get the education that they crave.  Because of this, it is targeted toward students who suffer from disabilities or live with other problems that can get in the way of them receiving the education that they want.  Any student who is currently enrolled in school and looking to continue their education for the following year, and lives with a disability, can apply for this scholarship.   It is open to any age, so long as they are currently going to school and will be continuing their education into the following year.

Does it Matter Where I Go to School?

Students who are interested in any school of their choice can be considered for the scholarship programs in this site :  The amount of money they receive if awarded the scholarship will vary slightly based on the country in which they will be going to school.  This is the only main factor taken into account when determining the amount awarded; the school that you attend does not impact your consideration one way or another.  This is great for those who are already going to school on a budget and need to save money.  Additionally, those awarded can then transfer to more expensive schools of their choosing in order to get the schooling they want.

How often are Awards Given Out?

Every year, out of thousands of applications, twelve students will be given scholarship money so that they can attend the school of their choosing.  This is done every academic year and has been done for years.  The Google Lime Scholarship Program has been around longer than you expect and is only continuing to grow with each year.  There are more students applying each and every year, and more students see the benefits of it.

The Google Lime Scholarships are specifically for students with glasses or disable so if you live with a disability or vision impairment and struggle to get the education that you want, you may want to consider applying for this scholarship program.  It looks directly at your initiative in your own schooling and how you have performed academically throughout your educational career.  This is definitely worth a shot at applying to, no matter what your situation is or how old you are.  Although you will need to provide transcripts, a resume, and a couple different letters of recommendation, it is worth the effort to be considered for this large award amount.  Not only this but receiving this award looks incredible on your records and can help you secure a job more easily after you graduate.  So search here today for scholarships for students wearing glasses or scholarships for disabled students.

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